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SEO alliances in Malaysia

7 years ago, there is less than 5 companies in Malaysia were doing SEO, Maximus is one of the pioneer. One of the founder, James is the SEO expert and the person-behind-scene that doing SEO for some well-known companies, including Webnic, the leading domain registrar in Malaysia.

James have some friends who are also working in SEO / PPC indutries , and actually , running their own SEO / PPC business. The friends including Eric from Ericanfly , Benedic from Nuweb, YE from Purple Click and more. (some of them still prefer to hide their name). In 2012 , In view of there is many so called SEO experts (and in fact outsource the jobs to India) in Malaysia, James initiate to form a strategic alliance to do SEO in Malaysia.

James created website and invite his friends who are doing SEO/PPC to contribute the knowledge and experiences. The purpose to establish the strategic alliances is to share SEO/PPC experiences and latest SEO/PPC news. More importantly , educate the client to prevent being cheated by so call SEO experts. With this objective, the Malaysia SEO is launched ! Hopefully with this Malaysia , More awareness will be created on SEO Malaysia.

Some people may think SEO is easy, Yes, it is easy if you want to rank top for low-traffic keywords. For example, the keyword like “used cars in PJ” is definitely easier to rank better than the keyword “used cars” in Or, the keywords “job vacancies Petaling Jaya” is also definitely easier to rank better than the keyword “job ” or “job vacancies”

Maximus is able to rank on top in search engines for such competitive keywords. In fact, Maximus has rank the tougher keywords such as “job” , “loan” , “cars”. Yes, it is single-word-keyword (although it took very long time to achieve). Regardless it is tough, Maximus is still able to rank on top 10 for such single-word-keyword , these keywords are even rank higher than some well-known local big websites or portal like RHB bank , , , and more.

In fact, Maximus and his strategic alliances has occupy 50% market share in Malaysia SEO. If you want to learn more about SEO, James has Malaysia SEO blog here.

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